A local bar & grill with a BIG history!


     Stone's has been in Harrington for more than just a few years.  Over the many years it has seen the City of Harrington grow and change as it has done itself. 

     Originally founded by Margaret Stone, some of the original beams found during construction were dated back to the 1780's!  The railroad workers would stop to get something to eat, a cold beer to drink, sleep it off in the hotel above and get back on the train to head either North or South and finish their journey. 

     The package store was added on to the bar about 7 years ago, making it a complete one stop shop for those who were on the go.

     With time had come change; in February 2015. there was an electrical fire that closed Stone's down, and displaced many tenants.  Many around Harrington began to wonder if it would ever reopen again.  In January 2016, Stone's met the new owners Rich & Gina Kratsas, who immediately began construction to give this long standing bar new life!

     On August 17, 2016, Stone's Bar & Grill reopened with a whole new look and feel!  Stone's continues to be the local bar, where everyone knows your name, where you can eat a great meal with family, watch your favorite games on the several televisions, and even play a game of pool!

                                       WHAT A GREAT ATMOSPHERE, said a new customer........12/2/2016